If you care about your medical rights please sign this petit

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05 Oct 2009, 1:02 am

If you care about your medical rights please sign this petition if your any concerned at all about forced vaccinations on people that may already be immune to the virus, or have different methods of fighting the virus and getting immune the natural way (getting then then stay at home till you get better while taking vitamins and then you will NOT need any chemical vaccines.


Please if any of you have morals or don't want a civil war started over forced vaccinations and military check points then please sign medical rights, the right to sue the medical establishment, and conditions petition. It will establish what rights we have and didn't have under the constitution.

This is a human rights matter! If you like this then please share this with everyone you can far and wide, get over half the American population to sign this if you want to halt a possible Civil War II that may be created out of rebellion against military enforced vaccinations.