What do your collections mean to you emotionally?

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06 Nov 2009, 10:15 pm

I mostly collect toys, but I also collect the Presidential gold coins, DVDs to a certain extent, records, and '80s memorabilia.

I look at my collection as symbolizing my "life's work", really.

When I'm financially strapped, and not able to continue purchasing & collecting for a while, it symbolizes to me having worked hard for seemingly nothing.

I plan on eventually opening up a museum as tribute to my vast collection.

Of course...this won't be for a few decades.

I have to be rich enough to do it, and my business is only roughly a year and a half old, and...I'm only almost 28.


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07 Nov 2009, 7:14 pm

I collect comics. Yeah I know pretty childish, isn't it? I kind of freak out when one of my comics is damage or someone take them from their original place. I guess I'm pretty much like Rain Man when Tom Cruise takes one of his books and then puts the book on the wrong place on the shelf! Then Dustin Hoffman freaks out! I'm pretty much like that!


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07 Nov 2009, 8:20 pm

I collect a couple things.

Wolf items: These are RARE at times so I'm SUPER EXCITED when I find a wolf item I like. I like something unique not just howling at the moon that has been done 1000 times over!! !!

M&M: containers: These are fun since I have a LE 2000 one and some from garage sales and this time of year around Christmas I can always count on Walmart etc. to have 1 or 2 I don't own yet that are collectible. :-)

Pepsi: Ever RARER STILL! I remember Pepsi barbie etc. when Gen X was big but sadly wasn't into the whole collection Pepsi stuff yet. Now I do and all I see mostly is Coke stuff although I do stumble upon collectible bottles at times (I keep them WITH the soda.) BTW bad combo for cans the soda leaked from my Superman Pepsi can LOL! Made a huge mess still have the can though although obviously empty LOL! I wish I saw more Pepsi stuff!! !!