Free Autism Webinar April 10th and April 11th

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03 Apr 2010, 10:39 am

Saturday April 10th and Sunday April 10th 8 to 5pm there is a free Webinar.
The Keynote speakers are Temple Grandin and Jeremy Sicile-Kira. Titled "Things to know
about Autism"

More information can be found at Moms fighting Autism

Yes I did cringe at the name, I am a dad, and the word fight makes me cringe also.
I wish the group name was more like something parents understanding Autism. But even
if you dont agree with a groups way of doing things, they can still present some
good information to help your child or loved one. Autism Speak has taught me this lesson.
While I dislike this group with a passion, they have put out some useful information
that has helped my sons. Always best to have an open mind to things.

Site dedicated to using technology to help children with ASD.