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13 May 2010, 7:10 pm

Sorry if someone has already posted something about this. I don't feel like looking through the whole list or using the search feature and, after all, creating a new topic isn't going to kill any trees so I don't see why it would matter....(but on these forums people always seem to get pissy when people make a new thread for an old topic)

I just joined the site today. I've had trouble finding a job. I've been unemployed for almost a year. I'm looking for work in the non-profit sector. After graduating from college, I did a year with Americorps, so I'm hoping to continue in that path.

I've had many many interviews. I've been trying to figure out exactly why it's not working out. Obviously the bad economy is an factor, but I feel like at least one of my interviews should have pulled through by now. I have good qualifications, good references, and I think I'm a very good worker.

Lately I've been becoming more aware of my wandering eyes. I have a hard time looking at people when I speak to them without cringing a little bit. This is probably a big factor in why I'm not getting the jobs. People take that s**t very seriously, especially at job interviews. So I've been asking my friends to help me with direct eye contact.
When I talked to my mom about it, she mentioned, almost in passing, that I was diagnosed with Aspergers when I was 12 and that the doctor said I'd have a hard time finishing high school. She clearly doesn't buy into these kinds of things. She's the kind of person who thinks doctors are quacks. And she mentioned it and struck it down in almost the same sentence. Like, "they said you wouldn't finish high school and look at you now!" I'm sure the doctors didn't use quite such absolute language. My mother tends to exaggerate...
My behavior used to be a lot more unusual, now that I remember. But I looked up Apsergers and I think I still probably have a mild case of it. For instance, my friends sometimes think I'm being really novel and crazy when I say things that I think are just normal. I pace around a lot. I'm bad at expressing empathy. And of course, the wandering eyes.

Back to the topic: what would be your suggestions? Do you think I should just practice looking people in the eye and force myself to do it during the interview? Or should I go to the interview and tell them that I have problems looking people in the eye because of AS?

I might go to a doctor to be re-diagnosed sometime soon too. Once I have health-insurance.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

And if you know of any job openings in San Francisco or Oakland or the surrounding area please let me know! ;)