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18 May 2010, 2:29 am

Im kind of elaborating on the post about ID's....sorry to bring it up again. I think its important to have medical ID bracelets on our kids. Not so much in case they get lost but in case you are in an accident. My daughter under reacts to pain and over reacts to sound and would not be able to verbalize the difference. I have this and that she has Autism on her bracelet to let paramedics know so they can better care for her. My son's bracelet says he has Asperger's but it also primarily lists his terrible skin allergy to betadine. Mine says I have an allergy to tetanus (typically given to people in traffic accidents) and it also says that I have Asperger's and to call my husband and his phone number. I will get us bracelets in French as soon as we may prove even more useful considering I do not speak French.
I am just kind of an advocate for medical ID bracelets as I know what happens in an Emergency Room and the more info they have on you the better off you are. I also think the bracelets are a better idea than a necklace (which can choke a child) or a shoe or clothing ID. One can easily loose a shoe in an accident and the first thing they do in a trama room is cut off your clothes. Anyway, Ill be quiet now and just leave you with a link to a great place to get a bracelet