Writing for a character; want your input.

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24 Jul 2010, 2:37 am

Well, I'm writing for this character who has a bit of Aspie traits, though a lot of this can be attributed to a pretty rough patch in her childhood. Allow me to give her a bit of a past (censoring certain details because I don't want plot ideas for this project stolen):

(WARNING: There's a bit of PG-13 stuff here, coz her past is less than Savory)

First of all, she isn't human; she's a race that ages a bit more quickly than humans would. Also, she can be visibly identified as a...let's call her a "Diviner" for now, because of the color of her her fur (yes, fur. Like I said, not human). Diviners have the capability of developing precognition and clairvoyance if trained. The setting is a place that has limited technology, Steampunk/Dieselpunk, no cell phones or computers or means of communication besides letters, maybe morse-code type stuff and REALLY primitive radios at most.

She had a relatively normal childhood (though her parents may have been overprotective of her, because Diviners are generally feared). Though one night, when she was 3-4 (9-10 in physical development), she was kidnapped by this bad guy for a breeding project.

For 6 to 7 years, she lived in a barred, her only means of contact by talking with other Diviners she could both see and hear around her. She had very limited facial contact (only from those directly across from her) and physical contact only from those directly across from her, and also virtually no physical contact either due to each Diviner being in a single cell. At around age 10 (12-13 in physical development), there was a jailbreak and she was sprung loose with a few other Diviners. During the jailbreak, though, everyone got seperated, though my character managed to stick with an old Diviner woman.

They stuck together for under a year, until the old woman died of hypothermia one night in the desert. Then my character vowed to avenge her kind, taking on a mask and a vigilante persona. She has her own sense of justice, and steals from others. Likewise, she distances herself from everyone and has trouble relating to others. She is generally very 'flat', and her expression of emotion is acted out more through her voice and her actions than her facial expressions, though they may show slightly through her eyes. She doesn't enjoy physical contact, and might either shrug you off or act out aggressively if anyone touches her. She is not aware that there is this 'game' that people play (called 'socialization') to extract information from eachother.

For example, say she needs to know where the train station is. Most people would do this:

Person: *pleasant smile or pleading expression as she approaches stranger* "Excuse me, sir, can you please tell me where the train station is?"

My character would do this:

Character: *grabs stranger by shirt or tail and turns him around to face her, staring at him emotionlessly* "Where is the train station?"

Now that you know a little bit about this character, I must ask...is this a realistic manifestation of how a person my emerge psychologically after an experience such as hers? Would it matter whether or not she was a neurotypical or...more like the many members here?

Please, I need your insight. This is important, because I want to be able to write her behavior correctly prior to her capture.

I am a creative person always looking to share my ideas with others, whether they are character ideas or ideas for entire fictional universes.

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