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20 May 2006, 5:00 pm

When I was in school, I had serious problems trying to figure out word problems. If I did not have a similar word problem that I had done in the past as a template, I had a serious problem in trying to figure it out. If that was not bad enough, when I entered college I found myself going "professor hunting."

There were too many courses in college that relied on theoretical thinking. I majored in information systems, but I had taken a few electives that I had to drop, such as logic and automata, because the material was way too hard for me to grasp. A lot of these courses involved mathematical proofing, and I couldn't even get past the easy type of problems, let alone the crap they were teaching.

So, I ended up going to school for like ten years when it should have taken six, because I had to drop a number of classes because of the content or the professors took a heavy approach using word problems. Physics, as an example, I could not grasp at all, because it was almost completely taught using massive word problems.

Anyone else here find this for themselves?

- Ray M -


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20 May 2006, 5:15 pm

For abstract reasoning I was tested at the gifted level, score 19 in similarities.

However other parts of the IQ are not as great, in fact lower then average.

I.Q scores change as well.