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03 Oct 2010, 3:02 pm

I have been tested for gluten intolerance and I cannot digest it. It hasn't helped my social skills, but I feel healthier and happier and sleep better.

I love my diet. It is sugar, soy, and gluten free. I find plenty of wonderful things to eat. There's a great line of nice rice breads at whole foods and trader joes has one that I get for every day. They also have rice crackers. WF also has a great line of rice cereals sweetened with fruit juice. (The gluten free cereals at TJs all have sugar in them, so you're trading gluten for sugar. AH!) I use xylitol (a natural fruit sweeter despite its weird name) that does not raise your blood sugar and is half the calories or agave syrup to put on my buckwheat pancakes. I made some delicious crepes recently with 1/2 buckwheat flour and 1/2 rice flour. I love to eat lots of raw vegetables. Oh, and if you take medication, as many of us do, you may get constipated or cause your system to be dry, besides drinking plenty of water, the vegetables really help. Soy I believe is not good for woman especially because it messes with your hormones and it is also hard to digest. Breads should be avoided as well, even gluten free, but I just love them, so at least I have rice bread.

I don't miss a thing in the gluten-saturated diet. My diet is delicious and healthy whether you're aspie or nt, but apparently, since I'm aspie, looks like we may have a tendency towards this.

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03 Oct 2010, 8:25 pm

Have you tried cutting out soy yet? That could be another food holding you back.

Soy can cause brain fog and depression especially since most soy is genetically modified.

still, i cannot imagine anyone who doesn't directly have gluten and / or casein sensitivities would benefit enough from eliminating them from the diet that it would be worth the enormous hassle. (i am gluten free)

Because it's better safe than sorry, if you knew about the studies and stuff going on you'd see why.

Celiac Disease is no longer the "big thing".

The new thing is "gluten sensitivity".

Celiac disease is ONE THING that gluten sensitivity causes:

You can be extremely sensititve to gluten and NOT have celiac disease. That's why doctors are now learning, there is evidence out that says EVERYONE is gluten sensitive to a certain extent.

Some people can eat gluten their whole life with no visible issues until they are 40 years old. Then suddenly they get diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or arthritis ect.

It's not a joke, grains are new to the human genome and are not necessary to live a healthy life, did you know there wasn't any known thing as "diarrhea" until gluten was introduced into the human diet?

Best diet is:

Meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, buckwheat(not a grain).

Here's a good site if you're interested:

Tells you why to avoid the big 4, corn, soy, gluten and casein.

They are especially bad for autistic/ADD people. They are what make these conditions worse.

It's possible to live a life as an autistic and still be autistic but BETTER FUNCTIONING. The problem is autistic people generally have no energy and are too lazy to cook. But if they would they would feel better.

Just look around these forums and you'll see any post about food what does the aspie eat? Something with milk and gluten, no longer why have to stim 24-7

Cut those things out for months and it's NOT easy. BUt it's worth it if you don't get off it for months you won't be able to see the change. IT takes times to get out of your system.

Soy can cause vitamins not to be absorbed, it's simply got too much research against it. Avoid it at all costs! Especially guys.