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11 Dec 2010, 4:10 am

Here are my top ten favorite songs of the holiday:

10. Sheena Easton--It's Christmas All Over The World (from Santa Claus: The Movie) (1985)--I rediscovered the song last Christmas and I found it better than I remembered it as a little boy. A very heartwarming '80s Christmas song :-)

9. The Ramones--Merry Christmas, I Don't Want to Fight Tonight (1988)--This song is remembered because of its memorable music video with a young couple arguing at their Christmas party. Plus, The Ramones are nothing short of awesome and this song proves their awesomeness and staying power.

8. Bryan Adams--Have a Reggae Christmas (1985)--Another song that is known for its music video, this one's with the Canadian Springsteen, Pee-Wee Herman, and the five original VJs on MTV. Any music video with Pee-Wee is worth watching :-)

7. Twelve Pains of Christmas--Bob Rivers--This parody of a classic holiday song has me personally rolling with laughter about the druggeries of the holiday. The hangovers and the lighting bit are classic.

6. Christmas at Ground Zero--Weird Al Yankovic (1986)--Another holiday parody, this time with the king of parodies, Weird Al, singing about Christmas time during the Cold War of the '80s. The video for this song is pretty hilarious and of course that's what you expect from Weird Al.

5. Grown-Up Christmas List--Amy Grant (1994)--This is probably the only Christmas song that I came close to crying my eyes out because of how true and powerful those lyrics are. This song still rings true due to the soliders serving Afghanistan and the recession of our economy. They are plenty of verisons of that song, but Grant's still the best of the bunch.

4. Felix Navidad--Jose Felcino (196?)--The best international Christmas song of all-time and it's Mexican for Merry Christmas if you guys are wondering. This guy seems to have a lot of fun in this song and has a groovy sound to a Christmas classic.

3. The Christmas Song--The Chipmunks (1962)--I don't care what you guys say, I like the Chipmunks and this song is their ultimate Christmas classic. I discovered that song when I was watching Alvin and the Chipmunks back in the '80s as a little boy.

2. Christmas in Hollis--RUN DMC (1987)--The funnest Christmas song of all-time and the video was the Best Holiday themed vid of all-time. Simmons and McDaniels brought the rap into the white neighborhoods when this song came out.

and #1 Christmas Song of All-Time...

Do They Know It's Christmas?--Band Aid (1984)--This is the ultimate Christmas song of all-time because you had the hottest artists from the U.K. at that time doing something that hasn't been done before, rasing money for a good cause. This is a perfect song for that cause. This song was so sucessful, it spun off two verisons of this song (1989 and 2004) and inspired U.S.A. (We Are the World) and Canada (Tears Are Not Enough) to contribute to the Ethopian famine of the mid '80s.

If you have your own Top Ten favorite Christmas Songs, reply them on this note.


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11 Dec 2010, 4:53 am

Please Come Home For Christmas...performed by many artists including The Eagles and Bon Jovi.

Not an official Christmas song...but "She's Right On Time" by Billy Joel...about him waiting for his girl on Christmas.


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11 Dec 2010, 10:19 am

Some overplayed Christmas songs:
Last Christmas (Wham!)?
The song about the shoes and the dying mother (I'm sick of that song)
The church chorus about Jesus Christ being born on Christmas Day, and how man will live forever more (I HATE THAT SONG!! !!!1)

If I think of any more, my head will explode