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31 Dec 2010, 1:12 pm

NobelCynic wrote:
MasterJedi wrote:
Y'all have your beliefs and I have mine and each of us knows we're right.

Which is why all of these discussions are so silly. Everybody wants to teach, nobody wants to learn because everybody thinks they already know; if there is a point to it, it is beyond my comprehension.

I do not talk to people who don't listen to me and I cannot understand why other people do. My best guess is that they are actually talking to themselves, reassuring themselves that they are right, and using other people as a means of self-deception.

Well, actually in SOME cases I am letting off steam [too many years writing "What does this mean? Please see me" on student papers]. In others I am probing to se who is actually a mind user willing to talk without teaching, because however much we know there is more, and some of what we know is wrong, and I always thing best talking to somebody good enough to MAKE me think.