aaarghh - looking for a twilight zone type radio drama...

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16 Feb 2011, 8:32 pm

i listened to this radio drama a few years ago on BBC radio 6 or 7 (i forget which) on freeview at about 3am lol. some details may be a bit sketchy, i listened to them once a few years ago...

there was this kind of twilight zone type story (there were lots of them broadcast) where this guy is telling the audience about his memoir where he murders his family members, one death by replacing the paraffin in this dudes potting shed lamp for petrol, trying to make it look like an accident...

anyway, it ends up with him making a deal with this woman - if he writes all this into a memoir he'll get off scot free (hes in prison telling the story), but as it turns out, by writing the memoir he is stating that he is the guilty party etc, as someone goes to retrieve his memoirs, and he is led away...

anyhoo, i would like to listen to this again, but have no idea how to find it.

there was the other one where a rich business guy in an office block gives a gold watch to a janitor, then gets into an elevator and drops to floor he didnt know existed, where he is met by a woman (who were led to beleieve is the devil) who can let him go back in time to repeat his success. he goes back to a time when kids scooters, compact discs etc werent invented, and when he tries to convince others of his ideas, he is told he needs blueprints for htem to invest. anyway, it ends up with him being broke and going to the present day, where he becomes the janitor being handed the watch by the business man.

anyone heard these? or know where i can find them?