Ever feel like the whole world is ganging up against you?

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23 May 2011, 2:29 am

I used to feel that way all the time when i was in elementary school, like people are all jerks in the same way and you are their common enemy.
I changed a lot over time. From my first girlfriend I learnt to let go of that feeling and give each person around me and myself a chance.
She was like a really smart and caring individual that could communicate to me the way i think, so i was doing a lot better with people as I always had her to turn to when we were in a relationship.
Now that we broke up and I am trying to get away from her influences, that feeling came back to me again as I deal with people around me.
it's like everyone around me are all mad at me and mean to me in a very similar way. during my frustrated times i just felt like it was a war between me and the world.
I know that the feeling is not helpful. I wonder if any of you guys have any thoughts about what I can do.