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09 Aug 2011, 10:50 am

A prev post said

"Do people regard you as robotic" [sci of sound]
What is robotic? No emotion. thus[ falsely] no feeling.

This is very complex and can fill many books.. but i try to reduce it to a few paragraphs.
I am [diagnosed ] as mild aspergers with a twist. The twist is im acutely aware of what i do and feel. [if any]

My daughter put it this way in her genius. As a psychologist she has the right.

There is a car accident
One car driven by 60yo male.. is 1/2 over another and leaking fuel.
Below is car of mother with 2 children 5 and 8 boy and girl..
The top car is spitting a few flames and spark and leaking fuel onto car below . The mom and kids are in a daze.

Sasha [My daughter] says 90-% of onlookers will do nothing.. being in emotional shock..
score one for aspergers
Of the remainder maybe 1% will try to intervene. They are [a few good men/women] that society makes even with emotion.
She says of all . I would be most likely to do anything.
" your unrelenting unemotional respect for the potential of children.. the gift of brilliance.. would drive you to ignore all other things.
"Dad, you old fart.. you'd rush in there and pull them out. thats why i love you"

maybe.. but whats love got to do with it.