Swedish tea ring for dessert! Yum!

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14 Dec 2011, 5:39 pm

Made from scratch, with cinnamon and brown sugar. It's in the oven cooking now, beside the roast. The roast is a beef roast with halved potatoes, carrot chunks and onion halves, and there are pan drippings, which I'll make a gravy out of. I made bread today, just plain white bread, but it's good. I roasted some garlic and mixed it with a stick of softened butter for garlic spread. I'm starving.

I'm giving it another shot. We will see.
My forum is still there and everyone is welcome to come join as well. There is a private women only subforum there if anyone is interested. Also, there is no CAPTCHA. ;-)

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14 Dec 2011, 7:19 pm

Just reading your post has made me very hungry. I bet it tasted good. I love reading threads about food. :O)


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