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18 Feb 2012, 10:59 pm

Vito wrote:
So, what's your opinion on this?
In your case, I don't see your lack of an emotional response as a problem.
As long as you can still determine what actions (if any) you must take to keep your girlfriend from being seduced away
(a matter on which I am thoroughly unqualified to advise) then I see no cause for concern at the lack of a negative emotion.
On the contrary, our fears and anxieties can deter us from clarity and reason.

Vito wrote:
And are YOU able to feel jealousy?
I felt intense stinging jealousy at previous times in my life.

Currently, I am in this situation: Almost all my guy friends have girlfriends, yet unlike most of them, I do not smoke,
I drink less than any of them, I drive safer, run faster, work harder, have the greatest strength-to-weight ratio,
arrive more punctually, maintain impeccable hygiene, I do not recklessly jeopardize my friends health and often have
to protect their safety, and I can outdraw anyone and everyone in town (at drawing ... not guns, lol).
These are all things my friends, and the women I have attempted to court, have said about me, and I do not refute them.
Yet despite all my seemingly superior qualifications, and continuous efforts, I have not been on a single date in
my 26 years of existence.

Some people accuse me of being jealous and bitter. This argument is a logical fallacy.
It's like saying, "That thief stole from you. Therefore, you must hate that thief. Therefore, you are a hateful person."

Curiosity is the greatest virtue.

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18 Feb 2012, 11:52 pm

hale_bopp wrote:
League_Girl wrote:
Why is keying someone's car awesome?

He's a bit bitter about things.

If you lived in the rundown, dead end, bible thumping, rural, shithole I live in, you'd be bitter about things also.