If you're tired of internet radio right now try 8tracks.com

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10 Mar 2012, 8:45 pm

sorry if i sound commissioned here (i hope i don't!) but anyhow, this fairly new kind of social sharing, kind of just creating interesting little mixes and discovering new ways of finding music you want, no ads either YAY, is a pretty cool alternate.

basically you just take 8 or 9 songs you want to work into a themeable mixtape, drag them from your desktop or upload from your computuer's finder database (i find the latter much cleaner for my desktop, but that's another story :lol:). as soon as you have your picture cover, title, description and some tags you can publish it and people can comment or follow you. nifty galifty. there's also an app to buy from 8tracks but the only downer in my opinion that if i really wanted to and decided i had enough music on my iPod or whatev to make a mix i can't. only able to tow around my mixes.

anyway just try it, and btw my account name is Sounclean_sounlikeme_ (got that from "living room" by tegan and sara lol). feel free to search for my name and join in the fun.

the faerie :)

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