Introducing the project tree of hope (officially)

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11 Nov 2006, 5:24 am

Official forum for the tree of hope project
If you think you have a hope in your heart and your mind + would like to chabge the world to support aspergers more just join..... I am project initiator and has asperger syndrome as well! I would like to change the world to be better and all the people will be happy :)

"The tree of hope project"

Origination: This project was an idea of "Piangfuan" of the members of the vioce of youth forum
sponsered by unicef, it was posted in the forum and many friends in the Voice of youth join as a
volenteer and started making this project which is called "The tree of hope"

Our motto: "To spread hope around the world"

Main Idea: Children has dreams right!? On christmas day people usually go out to buy presents and celebrate
but there was still people in other places of the world doesn't have a chance to even go to school!

The main idea is on Christmas day year 2007 if it possible for asking for one christmas tree to being put in front of the United nations headquarters and places which are possible in that country to let the children send in drawings, cards letters
pictures which can answer one question "If I have one wish of christmas day what will I do to change the world!?

We will try to raise fund if it is possible by using our talents, but for the United Nations let them raise fund in their way and all the money we gain from the donations will be give to Unicef.At the end of 2007 we will take the cards down and give it to the United nations tosee what children thinks what help to they need? and give it as a consideration for the year 2008 policies in helping children around the world.

Another idea was from one of the volenteers that is on christmas day we will try to make people go to the ophanages,nursing homes abd elders home for giving donations,or things that we don't need it anymore but it might be needed for those people on christmas day as the gift to them. "Being a donator is better than a reciever"

Remarks: This might include sending gifts to developing countries too.

Volenteers needed

This project is for anyone to participate no matter your race, religion,health, rich or poor but all you need is
just a graceful heart that would like to help people and great ideas to work on the project.

Now we have 12 Thais, 2 Indian, 1 Pakistan, 1 english, 1 Czech, 1 Malay, 3 Americans

Would like to be a part of this project? Please contact [email protected] use the title "tree of hope" project