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12 May 2012, 10:14 am

it may have already been said here, but incase you need to hear it=
take it from someone my age, don't try to fit into a group that won't have you, be who you are and the rest will fall into place. i seen alot of people who try and become miserable, and in the end the so-called cool people after high school only talk about what happened in high school, there life for the most part stopped there. weather it's cus they got married, or stuck in a job they hate, or they never really had much to offer in life anyway. now when i go out it is funny to see all the people who thought they were the sh** and now are sh**. trying to still be someone people look up to(in there eyes) and simply making a fool of them selfs. a classmate resently came up to me wial i was talking to a friend and tried to shun my friend and talk to me. i don't like to, but had to call him out on it and tell him to go find a friend(i said it cus i knew i was the only one he knew there)
on that note why do people put themselfs in that position? i mean he was overly rude to someone i was oviously enjoying? i geuss he had it coming.

everything is funny if your looking at it right