Can someone give me some advice, suggestions...?

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29 Jun 2012, 4:08 pm

of what my problem could be.

I've probably done alot of these posts;however I've found more about myself and my problem regarding maths.

I find it hard to do any problem solving really when it's verbalized.
It has to be visually abstract or a problem I can process visually.
That's how I found out why I exceed at understanding the concepts;however trying to apply very difficult.
It's really stupid when I'm getting high marks in subjects that involve alot of maths like Chemistry and Physics and coming out with poor grades in maths because of this some sort of verbal difficulty I have.

For Example:

Period 1 has 15 students in it and a test average of 86%
Period 2 has 21 students in it and an average of 88%.
Period 3 has 12 students in it and an average of 95%.
Use weighted means to find the overall average of the classes.

I find something like this really hard to process and work out.

But chemistry equations, I'm fine?

Is there anyway I can cope with my problem? I can only solve these type of questions when someone gives me a hint on the first step or what the questions really means.

With these type of questions I have problems processing the intentions of purpose it wants me to do.

But, when it's abstract+ numbers+ visual= I'M A BEAST.

I really don't get why I have such a problem with these type of questions???