Working meeting at a sporting event

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04 Aug 2012, 10:56 am

I hate all sports, I don't get anything from them.

As a child my parents enrolled me in a baseball team. I had no interest in sports and I only attended the actual games, I never attended any of the practices- no one had ever told me the importance of attending them. When I would show up at the games they would often wonder who I was, and I would be assigned to play left field. Being a nieve and accepting Aspie child I accepted this without question, not understanding that I was considered the least valuable player and that being assigned to play left field was an insult.

As an adult I now fully appreciate the insult of being the least valuable player and having been insulted as a child having been assigned to play left field. I also don't get anything from sports; so what if our team wins/ looses I'm none the worse for it either way! Same for professional sports teams, I could care less if the local baseball, football, Hockey or you name it local team wins or loses; I'm none the worse either way.

This week my bosses, bosses, boss. (The senior operations director of the company), invited the entire transportation department and their spouses to a meeting event in a private box at a professional baseball game. It would have been insulting to the director to say no, so I accepted and 2 weeks from today I have to attend a baseball game with my wife and co-workers.

Apparently he is providing unlimited food and beer for the event; so I'm planning to get tanked to dull down the effect of A) being at a sporting event that I have no interest in whatsoever, and B) Being in a undefined social setting where I have no idea what is expected of me in terms of behavior, conversation, mingling or whatever!

I consider the other members of to be my only social support network . Could anyone out there suggest coping and behavioral strategies to help me through this banal and unexpected work event? Any suggestions will be helpful, because I still need my job after this traumatic event is over.

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04 Aug 2012, 1:41 pm

I am a sports fan, but baseball is still a slow-moving, boring sport! (Almost more interesting to see a movie or read a book about baseball.)

So, not that many people are really going to be following the game. Other than to cheer homeruns, late-inning hits and strikeouts in (perceived) social obligation to the home team.

So, most people are going to be there to socialize in a drinking environment.

I think it would be okay for you to cancel, and in the rare event you are asked why, "Need to visit wife's parents," or "My wife and I need a weekend by ourselves." That is, you could give any socially acceptable reason, hopefully which is somewhat true, but still measured disclosure. Again, this is only if they ask.

If you go, I think I'd more recommend medium drinking. I also think you and your wife could get there fashionably late like in the second inning and that would be fine.

(I don't think that many people are really going to be watching the game.)

(And in most cases, you're relationship with your boss and immediate co-workers has much more to do with your success at the company than an interaction with your bosses, bosses, boss. I still think it's okay for you to politely and matter-of-factly cancel.)