[Survey for Parents] help needed!

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19 Dec 2012, 1:06 am

Dear parents,

My name is Lara and I am a co-founder of an entrepreneurship program in Canada, the next36. We are a team of three entrepreneurs who are funded to build a venture to delivery a mobile/tablet app in 9 months. For our team, we would like to focus on the autism community, and make life easier for kids or parents. Therefore we would like to hear all of your input on your experience!

We have a survey for parents who are interested (the survey is composed of two parts, which probably will take you less than 10 mins to complete). If you can leave me your email address (msg or reply this post), I will forward the survey link to you! (coz I cannot post the link URLs at the moment, but I would like to start the survey ASAP).

We are three young entrepreneurs who really want to do something for this community and your input is highly appreciated!! ! (A free trial version is available for you if it does go somewhere!) Thanks!
(msg me if you have any question! =3)