info on making workplaces friendly for all sorrs

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07 Feb 2013, 11:38 pm

Hey there.

Am an Aspie manager, knowing that my experience is not that of everyone on the spectrum, and want to know where to look for info on keeping the workplace friendly for all sorts of learners. Also, for those of you who are also managers, are there rules on what i can and cannot do if people disclose that they think that they have an ld or a s d? I know about equal opportunities and not not considering for a job, that is for sure. But thought i would 'ask the experts' for your views. What have you done to help your different learners? And, for my own interest due to my bad experience last year, were you ever able to help an employee turn around during a probation period? I want to know that this can be done. It did not happen for me, but i hope i can do it for other people. With other people, i mean to say.
I am in Canada, if it makes a difference.