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08 Feb 2013, 8:14 am

Well hallo there, I come to you from the greater depths of Europe

I'm not sure why I'm here entirely, I'm one of those strange neurotypical (allistic?) creatures, I came here after seeing this forum mentioned in a discussion elsewhere. I guess I'm here to observe and learn some things

I'm usually vague about nationality and location and gender and other specific stuff and blah blah blah... hey I like the mystery okay

Interests? Gosh, where do I start, there's so many...zoology (ofc), doodling, crafting, restoration (of many things), nostalgia & retro (love that 70s fashion!), languages and culture (generally Europe but Asia too), EDM and other electronic genres, travel and tourism, cookery... I think that's enough for now

More about me? Well gee I dunno, I'm pretty social when given the opportunity, but some bad experiences with college have left me housebound for 3 years now and have left me in a tricky situation, social-wise



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08 Feb 2013, 2:08 pm


It seems that though you may or may not have autism, you might have experiences relatable to a lot of people here. Sometimes, us auties (autistic people) call people like yourself ACs (or Autistic Cousins). There's a "Other Psychological Conditions" board that you can go to if you want to talk to people who are also Autistic Cousins, or who have something else along with their autism.

Whether or not you have autism, you are welcome here, anywhere.

Living with one neurodevelopmental disability which has earned me a few diagnosis'