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18 Feb 2013, 11:49 pm

Since most dorms that allow trans identified students are just taking the much easier route of making the dorms entirely gender neutral, l have to think about the larger implications.

Heterosexual, cisgendered men and women together?

FTMs roomed with cisgendered men...

And as l'm sure we all know, nobody gets drunk and rapes anyone in college, ever.

l honestly can't say even as a gya women that if l had 17 year old, clueless, virgin daughter going off to college right now l'd want her roomed with a biological, heterosexual male.

The only thoughts l've received from the NT gay community are, "rape happens on campus anyway".

1) Duh. Herein lies the issue.

2).l've tried to visit female friends in dorms and the security ain't lax. This wasn't even a nice school. And l don't have a penis.

3). l'm a little disappointed in the gay community at large for failing to see the kind of problems this could cause for other students, especially female. l've never been raped and identify as gay, l just think the gay community is being callous in shrugging the issue and turning into something equality based when it puts one group at a disadvantage.

l don't think it means l should hold the potential welfare of millions of female college students any lower so LGBT interests are observed.

And l find it very naive on an FTMs part to not consider that biological male students who are aware of their biological sex won't have less than good intentions after 3,4, or 15 shots of Jack.

So as an LGBT person, how would you feel about your daughter or FTM identifying son living in such an arrangement?





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19 Feb 2013, 1:51 am

I think that this could potentially be a step towards stigmatizing sexual assault moreso than it already is. I think it makes more sense as an opt-in/out type deal, however. If I had to live in a dorm, I'd want to live in a gender neutral one, preferably rooming with a trans man, trans woman, or genderqueer individual.

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19 Feb 2013, 8:54 am

My university initiated gender-neutral housing across the dormitory system. It was opt-in, so basically a group of different gendered students who wanted to room together could apply to have the room they claimed gender-neutral. The only places this couldn't apply were floors that were already designated as single-gendered.


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19 Feb 2013, 4:02 pm

I think we need to distinguish between gender neutral dorms (where the buildings can accommodate students of any gender) and gender blind room assignments. I would take the view that room assignments should be gender consistent unless two students come forward expressly seeking to room together. Placing a young female student in a room assignment with an unknown male student is unfair to both of them.

I think there is room for universities to offer the widest range of choices to students in making on-campus housing available. Making a certain amounts of male-only, female-only, queer-positive and quiet spaces available for students living on campus can provide the greatest likelihood of finding the right fit for students for whom co-ed dorm accommodation is not idea.