Teenage girl with Aspergers arrested murdering her own fathe

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06 Oct 2013, 4:59 pm

Jaden wrote:
UGH! Just when I thought people would start acting mature and not jumping to conclusions about AS and this happens, and it's going to take the media and it's following witch hunters, on yet a new quest to rid the land of the vile creatures that sweep their lands by using this case as "evidence" that they're right.

And when are people going to get it right (especially the media)? AS is NOT a "mental disorder", it's a neurological one, there is a distinct difference.

To quote the mighty Voltan (from the 1980 version of Flash Gordon): "What a d*mn nuisance!" *waves fist sarcastically but strongly*

Yes ive noticed with reports like these the media writes its always because of aspergers...horrible crimes and horrific behaviour, terrorizing the normal people, the dreaded asperger.


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