Reading the mind in the eyes eyes not so difficult for HFA.

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09 Jun 2013, 11:30 am

Oh, so my temperature sensitivity won't be affected in Greenland, and snow-blindness won't affect my optical sensitivity, nor will my allergies be a problem in the midst of a Scandinavian forest. 8O

I'm sure my family won't mind me emigrating to the other side of the world either. How could they complain? I mean all I want to do is to fit my sensory problems into the best environment possible (not!) and go back to a primitive way of living, far away from medical help and sit in my log cabin going stir crazy...but never mind, at least it will be quiet. Not at all unreasonable is it. Perhaps until the loggers come, or if I'm in Greenland all those annoying tourists coming to see the Northern lights and Santa's Grotto I'll be fine. Yeah, I can just see how it will work. I mean there is no noise pollution or extremes in temperature in such idyllic surroundings (!) are there! No baying wolves, growling bears, screeching birds, avalanches, storms or anything.

My children won't miss me either, never mind that they wouldn't in a million years want to go to Africa, Scandinavia or Greenland, and that I am the only person who truly understands them. They'll cope somehow eh.

And even though I haven't the faintest clue how to live off the land, am rather fragile and prone to getting ill and won't have any access to vital medication, am phobic of insects, spiders and anything that flaps and flutters, I'll manage won't I. Silly me. How could I have doubted how easy and obvious it would be.

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