Have you encountered difficulties on NT-dominant forums?

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22 Nov 2013, 12:04 am

I don't usually have too many problems on other forums. The other members might find me annoying, but they've never said anything. I post a lot on yahoo answers.

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26 Nov 2013, 12:03 pm

Generally I don't mention my AS until I'm certain that people in the forum aren't unbelievably stupid.

I've found the most success in forums that support the LBGTQ populace completely - they are generally more willing to accept neurological differences.

Most of the time these guys who say that either I don't have autism or that autism doesn't exist have never even met an autistic person, or if they have, they haven't realized it.

With communication difficulty, well... I type quickly and, for the most part, correctly. It's easy to understand what I'm saying compared to the average forum user in other places.


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27 Nov 2013, 11:42 am

vermontsavant wrote:
aghogday wrote:
This site isn't hard to accommodate..

But there are many so called sites in other places on the internet..that represent themselves as places for acceptance for people on the spectrum who will not tolerate any differences of opinions..from any autistic people who happen to hold a different point of view..on almost any subject in discussed..

They are worse than fundamentalist churches..in my estimate..per acceptance of differences among human beings..

IN my opinion an Autistic Person can find more acceptance for thinking differently and holding opinions outside of the 'herd' on the Autism Speaks social networking sites..at least there is some measure of empathy and acceptance there for people who think and express themselves differently..than the 'herd'..as compared to these places..one example is the Thinking Person's guide to autism on Facebook...

Some of these so called people on the spectrum..are extremely judgmental over anything that does not meet their expectations for approval....
are you saying WP is a place of acceptence.where did draw that conclusion.have they legalized pot in pennsyvannia or something.autism speaks a bit out of touch and egocentric, but NO hitler doesnt come to mind as a comparison.
wrongplanet half is controlled by factions of the ultra high functioning who worship the bill gates persona of autistic image.and the other half is holier than thou self rightious snot heads who only want to milk the oppresion of the disabled meme for all there twisted ego's can do.

wrong planet has little for anyone who thinks outside the box.WP is tyranical dictatorship if anything.

Oh no..far from that..it isn't hard for me to accommodate as I have extremely thick skin..

But I think it could be a horrible place for someone that doesn't have skin nearly as thick as mine..

It's like the Lord of the flies..only the ones that can persevere ..through the attitudes of people here still exist..

This definitely ain't the place for over 90% of autism spectrum nor is any other place online for reciprocal social communication..

At least for me..it is much more difficult to express my self in writing than in real life...

I can say more with my eyes..to someone..than a frigging novel...in just one look..

But seriously that is how reciprocal social communication works..non-verbally..per 93% of human communication...

But here is the main thing..the majority of people diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome in the US..have symptoms of non-verbal learning disorder..in fact it is questionable if that is even what Hans Asperger's case studies described...

But this is the effect of not having a DSM diagnosis for non-verbal learning disorder..they got thrown in under the classification of Asperger's syndrome that comes far far away from matching what Hans Asperger's actually described as Asperger's syndrome.. that includes language impairments..as described in the Gillberg criteria..

There are some people with nonverbal learning disabilities that have a very difficult time thinking in pictures..therefore ergo..they are going to have a difficult time understanding non-verbal language as well...in human beings...

It is a haven for them to communicate on sites like this..as for the most part they navigate the world in words only anyway....

Well I am like you I am almost completely a visual thinker..but I lost my sight effectively so I had to adapt to be a verbal thinker to even come close to surviving even with my wife's constant support...

And I have found no real support here seriously in a personal way from anyone but you or CI simply because you guys think visually obviously in a very strong way like I do inherently..and some of the moderators that clearly see I do my best to be fair to people here...

My ability to communicate in writing at all..is almost a miracle..as I could not do it at all hardly earlier in life..as far as actual interaction with people..

I didn't even like e-mail at work I would go to the office and confront the person face to face..instead...

We are most definitely odd birds here...

But again we both obviously have thick skin..as well as CI did...

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