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09 Apr 2014, 8:02 pm

I wish they would move the 3 point line in, making any shot from 5 to 15 feet worth 3 point, outside the 15 foot mark a one pointer and anything inside of 5 feet a 2 pointer. I get annoyed by players who do nothing but run down the floor and stand outside the 3 point line with their arms out begging for the ball. From 5 to 15 feet is where the floor is more congested so a player would really have to be skilled at moving without the ball and scoring off the dribble. Also, I wish they would crack down on traveling and carrying the ball. It seems every guard in basketball carries/double dribbles, and someone travels it seems like every 25 seconds. Very few players grow up developing good ball handling skills anymore.

Parents encourage the non-skilled ball handing by just teaching their kids to shoot before the kid learns to dribble. Go watch any YMCA youth league game and see for yourself. All these kids shooting the ball from as far away as they can shoot, with mommy and daddy shouting and filming at the same time, SHOOT!!, SHOOT!!