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Do you suffer from a tense (quite infuriating) jealousy?
Yes, only when it comes to my special interests. 10%  10%  [ 5 ]
Yes, only when it comes to my special interests AND relationships. 15%  15%  [ 7 ]
Yes, only relationships. 19%  19%  [ 9 ]
A little bit of all above. (the jealousy is hardly noticable then by a observer) 17%  17%  [ 8 ]
No 40%  40%  [ 19 ]
Total votes : 48


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17 Apr 2014, 10:48 am

Youre bizarre!

If someone talks about an arcane thing that I am interested in - that makes me happy- because I finnally have someone to talk to about my special interest.

When I was your age, or slightly older, guys my age (whom I knew) would only yak about: fixing cars, sports, or illegle drugs. Or about getting laid (which I found interesting-but still know nothing about even now- so I dont have much to say about it).

So I can not relate to you being "jealous" when you find someone eager to talk about what you find interesting. Just be happy about it- and engage with that person who shares your interest.