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30 Apr 2014, 11:58 am

Well, us seniors have been out of school all week, but today was a day off for everyone. The reason for this is because protestors gathered at the school. Now here is the story. Awhile back, a kindergartner was raped by cleaning staff while in the bathroom. Recently this was found out, and the school put out an investigation. While it was being investigated the school alerted the student body that a student had been assaulted by an adult while on campus. It was only later through parents that we discovered what actually occurred. Naturally I'm disturbed by this horrific event, but what's even worse is that the media has gotten word of the event and is using it to attack the school. It really sickens me that people are exploiting this tragedy for other causes. See, it needs to be understood that here in Indonesia and especially Jakarta the media is very close to the government, and right now is the fallout of election season. Because of this nationalism is high right now. It also needs to be understood that my school is an international school the government doesn't have as much control over it as other schools, and most the people there are foreigners. As of such, the media is trying to do it's best to frame the school as being responsible for the situation, blame the foreigners as opposed to the Indonesian janitors, and appease the government, and the media actions have been making things a very sticky situation. For example, a pedophile has been discovered in Nicaragua, and the FBI dug up that he used to work here over a decade ago, and now the media is trying to connect the two unrelated events. Also, recently one of the rapists commited suicide with bleach, and I've heard claims that the FBI killed him. Heck, most of absurd of all I've heard claims that there is some sort of international pedophile fund. T Anyway, the school has found the media's actions, like trying to interview students, to be a safety breech, and has taken precautions to protect the students. The aforementioned protest is a result of the media's absurdity. While the school is used to terrorist threats, they aren't accustomed to protests like this and thus shut down the school to protect the students. Now, I want to make it clear that I don't think any us are in any real danger right now, but I just want people to be aware this is going on. I don't know all the fact, so don't take my word for it, but this whole ordeal has been on my mind lately.

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