Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies & TASM2 (SPOILER ALERT)

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04 May 2014, 7:56 pm

I saw this a few weeks ago and I thought it was pretty good and to be perfectly honest I think both this and it's 2012 predecessor are better than the Sam Raimi trilogy. I'll be honest I use to watch the raimi movies a lot back in the day and it was the 2002 movie that got me into Spider-Man and soon later a lot of other superhero stuff but now that I really look at them they're a lot goofier, sillier and can result in a few plot holes now and then. The first two movies are considered to be two of the greatest superhero movies ever made. I don't really see them that way. It's sort of hard for me to explain why I like some movies and hate others. I'm not as good at describing things about movies like people who reviews films on the internet, and I'm not talking about those critics you see in magazines like empire or total film but basically the non critics you see on or imdb. If I see a film I like and people want to know why, the reason is because it's good and that's it, and OK I can say some things and give some reasons why I like it, but not like say the Nostalgia Critic can. The same applies for the bad movies, just replace the words like and good with hate and bad.

While I did enjoy The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I will say that it's not perfect and it does have a flaw or two. One of the problems the movie has is probably Jamie Foxx as Electro. Don't get me wrong he's a good actor (not that I've seen him in many things) and he wasn't too bad in this movie too, but to me he felt kinda generic. We're suppose to feel sympathy for this guy because he's "invisible" and that's it. Maybe they could have done more with this like a bit of a back story, I mean even though the movie kinda slapped the whole Peter and Harry relationship at us that was never mentioned in the first one there was at least some dialogue that gave us a kinda backstory. Also he did have some weird scenes like when he threatened this guy who said he was Spider-Man as a joke but it was just a fantasy and I thought to myself "that was weird" or when he's talking in the mirror through edited shots like Shia Lebeouf in the first Transformers movies. However these scenes are short and don't make the movie completely bad and looking back at the original three they probably had more weird moments. Speaking of Harry while Electro was kinda generic to the movie, there was a light in the distance. I felt that Harry was a much better villain. I can't remember the guys name but he's a pretty good actor and he did his part really well. Granted we don't see him in action and as the Goblin till the very end and it doesn't last very long, not to mention his design isn't all that great but to his credit he definitely looks more gobliny than the suit James Franco wore in Spider-Man 3 and to give him even more credit he still looks better than that Power Rangers-esk suit that Willem Dafoe wore in the original movie but he's still a more interesting and more sympathetic villain than Electro.

I've said too much now so I'll probably give it a rest and say more next time but to sum up The Amazing Spider-Man 2 does have some little flaws even some I haven't mentioned but I still like it and will definately be adding it to the Blu Ray collection.


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07 May 2014, 8:08 am

Okay, I saw TASM2 last night and overall I liked it but there's some things that annoyed me. First and foremost, the movie trailers billed 3 villains to be involved and I immediately thought of Spider-Man 3 and how well that turned out for it. Electro was the bad guy for most of the film, and Jamie Foxx played the role well, I even liked the background music and dubstep that accompanied him every time he was on-screen. Definitely an effective villain and his action scenes were so well done, reminded me of Cole Mcgrath from Infamous and it was awesome.

It was the other 2 villains that aggravated me. Rhino and Green Goblin, one of them should've been scrapped and saved for the next film and instead they made the same mistake as Spider-Man 3. Cramming 3 bad guys and having the most notorious of them (Venom in SM3, Green Goblin here) not show up until the last half an hour and fight for a small time just told me it was rushed in. Granted, Dane DeHaan's Goblin change looked awesome and convincing and his suit was cool too but couldn't that have happened in the middle of the movie, so it would've had some more impact? And as far as his role goes, I kinda knew Gwen Stacy was gonna die (just like in the comics) here, in fact the moment she was mentioned in the first movie I already knew she was dead on arrival, and Peter's reaction to it was heartbreaking, it hit me right in the feels.

HOWEVER, the good thing about 3 villains here is that they kept 2 of them alive (Goblin and Rhino) and ready to go for the next movie, which will more than likely be the Sinister Six introduction. The Doc Ock tentacles and the Vulture wings in the trailer should've given that away already.