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05 Jul 2014, 7:48 am

I only ever got lice once.. this was about 10 years ago and I got it from my first boyfriend's half sister who was about 9 at the time.

His family were complete douchebags and gave me a really hard time for allegedly giving them all lice (you'd think I'd been caught molesting their dog and crapping in their beds to see how they treated me) ... and this went on for weeks, but it eventually emerged that actually there was a classic louse infestation going round the primary school and in fact it was the aforementioned (long haired) little girl who'd been spreading them about the family. Probably because they all kept hugging her the whole time. :roll: Big surprise, right ?

It was a total nightmare as I had quite long hair, all of the generic products were shite, and my hair is quite thick so it's nearly impossible to go through it with one of those special combs. Malathion was especially toxic and useless, I found.

The ex's family (including him) never apologised for being such insufferable dicks for so long and for no good reason, so when I broke up with him not long after (not because of just that but because he was a douchebag in general) and switched to using Tea Tree products for the lice - which was enormously effective and it took hardly any time to wipe the whole lot out along with their nits ... I didn't bother to tell him (or the rest of his bullying family) about it.

For all I know they're still crawling with them.
;-) gee, that sure would be a pity huh ?

It took pretty much no time for the Tea Tree products to work.... I used Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner, and put drops of Tea Tree essential oil in the bath.
It was less than a week before the itching stopped... it just worked like a miracle.
And it's much healthier to use Tea Tree on your hair than any chemical stuff, that's for sure.


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10 Jul 2014, 7:37 pm

Anyone can get head lice, it doesn't matter what your physical appearance is! I also read they actually prefer clean hair and don't care about it's length, so it's not a sign of poor hygiene or parental neglect or whatever nonsense they say to make the sufferers feel guilty.

I've never had head lice. You must think I'm freakin' beautiful! I wish. :roll: Fair, fat, and forty as Stuart Little would say.