Striving to achieve from frustration...

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21 Aug 2014, 5:41 pm

or realizing that what you are makes all your mistakes?

Frustration gives me a more acute awareness and concentration with what I'm failing.
However, looking at it from an opposing (and much calmer) perspective, you may say that frustration is the result of your makeup's inability to produce (whatever it is you suck at); you should aim to change simply because you are aware that you or something of you ought not to be a certain way.

I get like that sometimes, I feel so much better. Reading motivational articles(bold and determined, artofmanliness), lifting weights (especially back in grade 10/11), getting things done, my mind feels alive and on-point. But I'm naturally ignorant/Attention-deprived, and I get lazy and I start feeling as if my lazy/destructive habitual activities and are somehow justified because I feel good at the moment. Even worse (because it is not something willful) I simply become mentally foggy and unable to behave as normally as I feel optimally. I become stuck in a rut and inane BS begins running through my thoughts. Nothing...useful or profound. Just repetitive cycles of unproductive, unfulfilling thought. Cue today's funeral.
No one read my earlier post but here it is
The brother was on the local news, and basically I was really trying to feel it, be one with the others, do things right, how I know at the bottom that they should be.
But the goddamn haziness kept grabbing hold of me for no reason. I can't humanize it and say I don't deserve it, but at times like this when I was on my way out back to the car someone familiar rolled their eyes at me and smirked, and then the angry disappointment hit me. It felt like a nice kick in the stomach, and the fog cleared a bit,especially as we moved away from others. but the thing is, this happened because part of me believes it's my own fault, that I should become smarter. And of course a smarter person would be able and understanding. But frustration is a relief from FOG, not genuine lack of potential. It's because it gives me more accuracy when I'm missing it.

What I am doubting is it's motivation to change. When I am frustrated, it doesn't help me self-actualize. I am only given a short boost of adrenaline allowing progress by intuition. I have to go with the flow; usually a very narrow and non-absorbent flow. I don't grow, and this person that I need to be remains a fantastic ideal where "all of my life's problems are gone" because I am still behaving as a child
At the end of the day, I realize what I must become is a self-respecting, responsible, ambitious person. That is the formula of results and that is what gets you places you need to go.That confidence, especially with other people,will follow; speaking of, I feel the need to restate, I have felt "good" like this, but as a child, I can only have an addictive lust for that pleasure and don't understand the necessity of responsibility and ambition with or without reward, that reward is only a bonus. I have been so overconfident with any minor accomplishment and so ignorant over the mountains that stand untouched, not because I am a disgusting, willful person, rather I've been an ignorant child.

Please help me guys. I'm going insane over this.

Should this be moved to Philosophy? Looking over it, it does have that vibe

"I watched a change in you, It's like you never had wings, now you feel so alive"