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20 Oct 2014, 10:40 am

I have favourite poets, who always have something new and interesting to say, and favourite poetry books ~ some of which are 'one offs'. Not wanting the well known to hog the stage i decided to go with titles here, rather than writers.
Of course, if i lived in a different country (i'm in England) i might have chosen different ones ~ please let me know which poets you like, wherever you / they are from.

At the moment, my five favourites FOR ADULTS are:

"Humid Pitch" (by Cheryl Clarke ...a jazzy, steamy story)

"Riddym Ravings & other poems" (by Jean Binta Breeze ...she knows who's really crazy!)

"The Oxygen Man" (by Joanne Limberg ...on losing a loved one, etc)

"The Mindfield" (by Diké Omeje not losing your mind)

& last but def not least:

"Brother to Brother" (ed by Hemphill / Beam ...coz there's a dire shortage of black gay poetry on this part of the planet)

one of my favourite ADULT poetry CD's:

"Healing Pool" (by Zena Edwards ...a very nice mix of styles and subject matter)


My five favourites FOR or by KIDS are:

"The Stone of Life" (by Kim Williams amazing young writer who is sadly no longer with us)

"Talking Turkeys" (by Benjamin Zephaniah ...who made the fun-cum-serious adult poetry CD "Naked")

"Sing of the Earth and Sky" (by Aileen Fisher ...does what it says on the box :-)

"Lemonade: and other poems squeezed from a single word" (by Bob Raczka for puzzle lovers)

& an anthology:

"The Puffin Book of Fantastic First Poems" (ed by June Crebbin a good album, it's full of good stuff)

& my favourite KIDS poetry CD:

"Valerie Bloom reading from her poems"

~ ~ ~
of course there are others i'd have liked to include here, but i didn't want to get too carried away ~ hope at least one of the above proves fun for you, too!


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28 Oct 2014, 3:51 pm

w s merwin- the lice

collected plath

vallejo- trilce (translated by david smith)

riding- selected poems in five sets

aeneid (translated by cranch)

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29 Oct 2014, 1:27 am

I can't name five off my head, but the ones I can rattle off are:

Pleasures Of The Damned
by Charles Bukowski.
Always Comes Evening by Robert E. Howard.

I admit I don't read as much poetry as I probably should, and other than having taken a few poetry workshops in college, I've written very little, preferring fiction.

-Bill, otherwise known as Kraichgauer


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08 Nov 2014, 4:01 am

Vladimir Mayakovsky "Selected Poems"
Charles Baudleaire "The Flowers of Evil"
Arthur Rimbaud "Illuminations"
Jorge Luis Borges "Selected Poems"
Guillaume Apollinaire "Alcools"

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