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24 Nov 2014, 10:08 am

I went to a autism conference and the speaker mentioned how people on the spectrum are sensitive to smells or the way clothing feels on skin. I can't stand wool, cashmere or viscose. I like 100% cotton.

With regards to bathing/showering, body washes or regular bar soap? Unscented? Washcloth or body sponge?

Anyone tried those pedicures where tiny fish nibble at your feet?

Anyone ever tried acne or anti aging products that are advertised on TV such as Proactiv, X Out, or Murad?
There is Meaningful Beauty and Natural Advantage too. I tried Proactiv but it made my face so red and itchy. Accutane worked wonders but it's off the market now and I don't know why.
What about facials at certain spas or hotels?
I did try a massage for free at some hair salon and it felt wonderful!


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24 Nov 2014, 11:33 am

Because I love clothes so much, I really don't care what the fabric is. If I like something I wear it.

As far as showering goes I like scented shower gels. For my birthday one year I got a vanilla shower gel from Philosophy and it smelled really good.

I never, never, never get my nails done. The thought of fish nibbling my feet freaks me out. I've gotten really good at painting my nails so it's all good.

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Tufted Titmouse

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24 Nov 2014, 3:55 pm

I have a major fabric sensitivity, myself. I absolutely cannot STAND the feel of chiffon! It makes me want to puke. :(

I also hate hate hate bar soap. I have naturally dry skin, and it just makes my skin feel even drier and grosser. I'm a body wash girl exclusively, and even take a bottle with me when I go on vacation because I don't like having to deal with the bar soap at hotels!

That reminds me...I should really order some more of that Teen Spirit body wash next time I have a bit of extra dough. Judge if you like, but I love how it smells--it's like candy!

I've had my nails done a few times, but I mostly do them myself. I'm not amazing at it but I'm learning!

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03 Dec 2014, 4:31 pm

I like shower gels from Bath & Body Works and The Body Shop cuz they smell really good. I use face wash cuz I wear makeup and its not good to sleep with it on. I've always wanted to try proactiv, I have really bad scars from a bad breakout in October, and the acne keeps coming back.

As for fabric, I don't have a specific preference, I just wear whatever is comfortable and looks good.....

I hate bar soap, it makes my skin feel weird. Except for Dove bar soap. Thats the only kind I like.

I only had my nails done in a salon once, I prefer to do them myself at home, and I've gotten pretty good at it.

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Sea Gull

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04 Dec 2014, 5:22 pm

Im very particular about fabrics. I dont like anything scratchy. I prefer soft and satiny, I guess like polyester?

I have had facial treatments, and ive tried proactiv. Now I mostly use peter thomas roth products.

I absolutely do not wear makeup. Ive never had a manipedi. I doubt id like fish nibbling on me. >_<

I usually use shower gels. I also use dial glycerin bar soap. I will not use dial gold or hotel soap on my body.


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04 Dec 2014, 7:54 pm

I went on a dodgy holiday to Ibiza once.
Was sitting with my feet dangling in the sea and was surprised to find all these little fish nibbling at my toes!
It was so cute and felt kind of funny.

The only thing I actually do for my feet is piss on them when I have a shower, the uric acid helps prevent fungal infections.


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18 Feb 2015, 7:39 am

I can tolerate most fabrics, except wool. Cashmere and merino might be OK but regular wool can't be next to my skin. I tend to cut tags off, too. I'm very glad clothing manufacturers are so cheap now they don't even bother to put tags on any more. :D

I loove soap bars (and taking showers). I buy natural handmade soap for my body and natural shampoo bars for my hair. Can't get enough of that slippery melty feeling. I never use any heavily scented bars from drugstores. Most of them aren't real soap and feel gross. My soaps are all lightly scented with essential oils.

I rarely use makeup. I don't like the feeling of coating my skin with sticky stuff. I do use perfume, and occasionally nail polish. Maybe I'll worry about my looks when I get old and wrinkly. :) So far I feel fine.

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21 Feb 2015, 9:50 pm

I would never get one of those fish pedicures. They've been connected to spreading infections and have been banned in several states anyway.

I don't want to put anything advertised on TV on my skin. All that stuff eventually ends up being connected to something worse than what it's supposed to help anyway.

I prefer body wash to bar soap because body wash is easier to use and more hygenic. I can't stand scrubbing myself with a washcloth, and I'm not sure how you'd clean a sponge without some sort of detergent or bleach still being left inside the sponge, which would surely irritate my skin next time I used it.

The trick to wearing wool is to remember a base layer. Silk or soft fabric that wicks. I have an old silk turtleneck I like to layer under wool when it gets cold. Wool on my bare skin drives me nuts.

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Emu Egg

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03 Mar 2015, 3:01 pm

Clothes MUST be from natural recources for me. Polyester and such gives me the shivers brrrr.
Showergell, shampoo, deoderant etc. will only be tolerated on occasion, must not have a strong smell, and must be made with natural products. (my nose seems to itch instantly with chemical fumes)
Mascara is the only make-up I use on a rare occasion.

I keep my nails short and tidy, but that is mostly due to the work I do and became habit. Now I don't even like my nails long although when I'm busy with finicky crafts with thin yarn I kinda miss them :P

Lastly I only wear shoes when my boss says I must, or when the work and/or weather are to extreme for my feet.

Barefoot is the way to go for me!


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07 Mar 2015, 10:13 pm

I prefer shower gels, and I can not stand certain types of fabrics.

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Pileated woodpecker

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08 Mar 2015, 5:16 pm

Fabrics - picky. No chiffon, no itchy wool, no nylon against my skin please. As long as it is soft and the clothes are not tight I can suffer most the rest of the fabrics through a day though. Uniqlo's new fabrics are OK even when tight - surprisingly. I love their Heatech things!
Sleep in silk or cotton only.

Wash - No rubbing with anything.
Small amount of olive oil soap (bar) on critical (smelly) areas once a day.
Otherwise I wash with cold or lukewarm water. Hot water (particularly with soaps) washes body's natural oil off, which means the skin loses it's layer of protection and all the troubles start (from pimples to dryness, most skin issues come from unprotected = over washed skin).

I used to have dry skin with pimples, scars, eczema etc. Only after a dermatologist explained me how skin works and told me to cut soaps and switch to as cold water as I could bear it cured and now I have to only be attentive to dryness and cream properly twice a day.

I use Boots' Derma Care Daily Moisturising Cream only because it contains ceramide which helps with the protection layer. It's quite thick but I mix a few drops of virgin olive oil into it to make smooth and easy to apply.

Make up - no. Mineral powder when absolutely needed. Othervise have never seen the point of it. And I don't really like stuff on my face.

Treatments - don't see the point again. Massage might be nice if done by I real professional but … It really will depend whether I feel I can trust the person to touch me or not. No fish please, eek! Or any animals for that matter. :D

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Emu Egg

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23 Apr 2015, 12:39 pm

One of my main interests is clothing/makeup/hair/skincare (generally limited to goth/mori/witchy styles but not completely!). When I was younger I was more tolerant of itchy/scratchy things in the name of 'hey I like the way this looks' but nowadays not so much.

Most fabrics I am okay with, but I can't deal with tight, high necks. I love the piece enough I'll pin it down/pull at it, etc. I'm sort of the same way about things touching my stomach so I've been known to roll waistbands down, or bring 'emergency alternate clothing' if I'm traveling outside of my safezone. Tight at the armpits is a dealbreaker.

Waist cinchers need to be escape-route friendly/have a zipper hidden (or visible) or some other easily unfastenable way to get out quick if needed. Back in the day I'd just buy all my corsets very slightly big so that they still looked fitted but didn't trigger my panic button. See also: shoes that are easy to get out of or 'bring along a pair of backup flats'.

Fitted clothes are fine, but

I will say though that the more stressed/afraid I get the more clothing will start to bug me, no matter what it is.

I'm a bath-rather-than-shower person, and I like scented stuff (incense, oils, the whole shebang) and prefer bodywash, but I have been known to use Lush's bar soap. I use bathing gloves, though so the end result is all the same - the product lathers on the gloves and the gloves are what ends up touching my skin.

I use a microfiber cloth for my face. I have dry skin, but have never used much in the way of acne-treating skin care, but I love

I've had my nails done a few times - hated acrylics with a passion - but I do my own manicure/pedicure/facial thing as part of my weekly routine.

I really do like getting pedicures, but I've never tried the nibbly fish kind. I'm not sure if I would! Maybe?

I've had facials done before, and it was pretty calming to me except for the talking.

Makeup is probably my second favorite thing next to clothes, it's a huge rabbithole for me.

Massages I LOVE, but more for addressing pain than for relaxation. (It's almost impossible for me to relax during them.)

Sea Gull
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09 May 2015, 4:59 am

Most of my clothes are cotton. Mostly T-shirts and jeans. (I recently started wearing stretchy jeans, and I like them a lot more than regular jeans. They're not as tight and restrictive). I like loose-fitting clothes. I can't stand clothes that restrict the movement of my arms. I hate most suit jackets because of that. I don't like it when shirts fit a little tighter in one place, like around the neck or under the arms. I also hate it when shirts are a little too short, and when you raise your arms up, they go way up above your bellybutton, and you have to keep pulling them down every time you move. :evil:
I don't mind other fabrics, though, as long as the clothes are loose-fitting. I don't like anything that's 100% acrylic or polyester, because it feels like I'm wearing a plastic bag. (it doesn't let my skin breathe, and I feel sweaty).
When it's hot outside, clothes in general start to piss me off because they stick to your body, and make your skin do weird things.
I can't stand it when I have a shirt that for some reason won't stop itching on my skin in one specific place, and I can't figure out what's causing the itch. I have to stop wearing shirts like that altogether because it drives me nuts.
Anyway. Enough about clothes. :lol:

I also tried proactiv, and it made my face red and itchy. I thought I was allergic to benzoyl peroxide, but maybe it's just proactiv. Salicylic acid works wonders for my skin, though.
I try to keep the things I use in the shower as fragrance free as possible, because I have asthma, and fragrances are one of the things that trigger it.

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11 May 2015, 10:37 am

i vastly prefer 100% cotton for my clothes it just feels so much nicer. i also don't like anything tight

for washing i just use baking soda (mix 1/4 cup in a 16 oz squirt bottle) and i rinse my hair with vinegar (smells awful while i use it but it feels good afterwards). i don't like the chemicals or scents in anything commercial

the only thing i use on my face is coconut oil


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19 May 2015, 2:44 am

I don't understand how people can wear uncomfortable clothes. I don't have nearly the hypersensitivity to scents as I used to so I generally don't mind scented bath and shower products. When I was a child it was difficult to get me in to the shower or tub but also difficult to get me was a transition issue.