How do you handle a firing gracefully? A suspected firing?

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24 Apr 2015, 9:12 am

Note to self, check out that meditation stuff.

I was temping way back in time, around 1992, and at this one company, and I finished all the work I could do. I went around looking for more to do, and no one who could assign tasks was there. I sat around for an hour, had lunch, then another hour. I felt bad wasting the companies money, so I left a note that I was leaving, and left for the day. Thought I had it all covered.

Will, they didn't like that. I guess I was supposed to hang around and do nothing. The temp agency said that they said that they had work for me to do later (even though other people were sitting around too). The more I thought about it, the more I realized, I will never know the truth of what really happened (which is a very Aspie thing, wanting to know the absolute truth).

Most likely, they have been trained by lawyers on how to exactly handle temps, and they know EXACTLY where the edge is, and you do not. You are at a disadvantage there. Everyone who doesn't work in HR nor is an employment lawyer is too, its applies to NTs as well.

And besides, good grief, they are a f---ing temp agency, Lord dude, its not like you got fired from Google or Intel. You should see how stupid these people really are, they are basically whores, doing whatever they can do to line up jobs and kiss peoples' asses, and basically, you are a work whore too when you are at a temp.

(Note: do not quit your job during a recession, even if you came from the Chicago area, you are in Texas, and your girl friend is in the Chicago area. We are still married with three kids BTW.)


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24 Apr 2015, 8:27 pm

Yeah, leaving is a much bigger no-no than wasting the company's money. XD They're very particular about a worker staying on premises when they are supposed to be working. When in doubt, do the smaller no-no if you know what it is.

The more I think about it, the less it makes sense given your situation.

Though I suppose you've found this out by now.

You have such a good point about wanting to know the "absolute truth." It is an aspie thing. And I find myself really wanting to know what happened back there. It still bugs me.

On another note, has anyone made a thread about "common mistakes in the workplace aspies need to be aware of making?"

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01 May 2015, 4:34 pm

FlamingAmanaka wrote:
So my anxiety will still fall further? Awesome. Is it permanent, or do I have to keep meditating every day?

The agency didn't place me. A normal job I interviewed for outside of the agency called me back and hired me. It's a far better 'match for my skills,' yes. Right now I'm in a better situation than I was before, but I have to make sure nothing happens at this job either. Skill wise, presentation wise, or behavior wise.

Since I've never held a job longer than a month before, it's very daunting, because I'm still at the point that I expect to be fired from this too. For no reason other than I've never been able to hold a job for this long. (Logically it's unfounded. I'm actually doing quite well on the training, and I've confirmed that I can tell when the supervisor is unhappy with someone's performance. Not mine. Even so, the back of my mind keeps telling me 'I can't have nice things')

Yes it will. There may be a floor to how far it can fall though, especially if you have other contributing factors. It's relatively permanent though that are also short term benefits (for me ~24-48 hours) of meditating as well - clearer head, even more emotionally stable, more mindful of surroundings. So you'll need to continually meditate for those short term benefits of course.

I understand where you are coming from. I regularly feel like perhaps I'm doing much worse than it actually seems. I try to use this feeling to force myself to improve - I'm actually very lazy naturally so I feel like I need this pressure otherwise I wouldn't do well :)

Glad its been going well for you so far. Keep it up!