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14 Apr 2015, 9:59 am

I am very big on working out and keeping in the greatest shape. When I got to 180 from 220 I was astounded. I wanted to get back to that weight this year but, yet again, I hit this lump on the road.

I think your workouts won't matter unless you eat right. When I went to 180 I was 22 yrs old. And, I had food income help. My sister had her own food income so this took the strain off shopping for everyone for food. I got the healthy stuff and only things the body needs.

Fast forward to now, I am the only source of food. Last month I did shop healthily. We would split the income 50/50 (sometimes more going to me) but now that is not helping the household.
When my sister actually cooks a meal, I naturally end up eating too, eventually. So it isn't fair to her and her BF technically.
So this month we just combined altogether what we can get. I sacrificed more so we can have dinners and whatnot.

So now, my workouts won't feel complete because of the food I will have. I shopped for quantity instead of quality. It is times like these I wish I lived alone instead of with them. But we all help each other day by day.

I guess all I can do is proportion the food and keep being active. Hope for the best. Which is tough to do, considering the food I am subjected to.

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