US still not recognizing Armenian Genocide after 100 years.

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29 Apr 2015, 9:59 am

The_Face_of_Boo wrote:
trollcatman wrote:
They weasel out of it because Turkey is a NATO ally, and the US has really weird ideas about that country. Their diplomants even wanted Turkey to join the EU, which is of course never going to happen, certainly not since Erdogan.
Most of the EU has recognized the genocide, here is a map. Dark green means recognition, light green means that some sub-national region or political party recognizes it as genocide. It comes from this wikipedia article:


It's funny how Israel doesn't recognize it, so hypocrite, no?

There are two reasons I can think of: maybe they don't want to upset Turkey, as Israel used to have better relations with Turkey compared to the other countries in the region, or maybe they are afraid of comparisons to their treatment of the Palestinians. Both reasons are quite cynical.