Is an elementary school cafeteria an ok job?

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24 May 2015, 7:09 am

My mom is friends with the manager there so she'd know about some of my issues BUT this boss lady is LOUD tone not yelling at you but LOUD HEY DO THIS! etc. even talking nice HEY WHAT ARE YOU UP TO?! !! ! Not sure I could work for someone like that. To start off it'd be part-time maybe substituting for someone not there that day. 20 hrs. a week my mom says. I wouldn't possibly start for a few months atleast but I'm nervous and worried and anxiety,

My last Part-time job Mcdonald's = major depression=stress=barely eating=come home go to bed tired (wake up work next day) Doctor said I was "sick" It took a lot out of me physically and emotionally not sure if Elementary school cafeteria worker would be more of the same like Mcdonalds or different. :-(

Any tips?

Also I suck multitasking Mcd for 3 months only and I STILL didn't build a routine and was confused going into work everyday of what was required of me at all times it got confusing and do more than one thing at once my mind jumbles and gets confused and I have a meltdown. :-(


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24 May 2015, 7:18 am

It can't be as bad as McDonald's, but someone who yelled everything loudly would bother me too. Maybe that's just her way of being friendly and social.

Maybe you can go in for a few days just to observe and help out as a volunteer. Then you could get a better idea how that job would be for you. Or just give it a try, worst that can happen is you will quit. If you're really only there to cover for someone who's away, I doubt it will be anything close to 20 hours a week.


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24 May 2015, 7:29 am

It will be really loud. Besides the manager, school lunchrooms are notoriously loud.

But, I'd encourage you to try it anyway--as humans, we just don't always get our first choice, that's life. If it ends up affecting your health, quit then, not preemptively. Why?
1) because it's important to try
2) because your mom will more likely help you with jobs in the future if you try what she finds

I wouldn't stop searching for something else in the meantime though. I would think this would be a difficult job for you.

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24 May 2015, 10:02 am

U should def. try it.


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25 May 2015, 7:08 am

If you're not starting in a few months, I would take that time to try to obtain better employment.

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