Sarah Palin endroses Donald Trump for president

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22 Jan 2016, 3:33 pm

^Exactly! There's way too much emphasis being put on the sanctity of life, vs quality of life.

A little food for thought from the comic master:

Democrats and Republicans calling each other out for being corrupt is like the Lucchese crime family pointing fingers at the Gambino crime family for being crooks and murderers.

So if you vote Democrats and Republicans, you have no right to complain.


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22 Jan 2016, 5:33 pm

Vote pandering does bring attention to some strange people.

The only thing wrong with it is the vast number of strange people.

Well reasoned and intelligent has lost every election.

This is self created as one side is for change, change everything, then change it again, because change is progress, and being Progressive is all that counts.

The other side can only say, some things never change.

JEB Bush waited by the phone for the call from McCain offering him the VP slot. It never came, even though he was next in line. He had the power and position to trash Palin, and now wonders why she did not endorse him.

The Republican establishment was not thrown under the bus, they stepped in front of it when they said people with less than an Ivy League Degree should not be allowed to vote.

The money and connections elite became such a small and exclusive club, Skull and Bones and a few friends, that no one noticed when they lost all power with the decline of newspapers and TV. You can not sell a politician on the Internet like marketing soap powder.

When the Media says Trump wants to ban all Muslims, those who favor it look on UTube for the original video and are disappointed, Trump never said that. Instant reality checks are bad for Media.

While Trump was misreported, the other candidates jumped in and said Trump is wrong and horrible, not fit to be President, but when elected, I will flood America with anyone who wants to come! Several who sounded like the leading Democrats were running for the Republican vote. Their support with Republican voters dropped.

Democrats who denounced Trump lost support among illegal aliens, who think the country has enough immigrants.

Homosexuals object, because now having the right to marry, they have been granted The Green Card Machine. The marry a homosexual path to American Citizenship. That is worth five to seven years support and a six figure divorce settlement. Prenups make it legal. It is the fast track to Citizenship, a Passport, and the right to bring your family over. It is in their enlightened self interest to be against all other forms of immigration, citizenship through marriage could be worth over a million. The cycle, marriage to citizenship is short, in three, five, or seven years, they can divorce and do it again.

They now outnumber retired State Department people who run Immigration Services worldwide, using their knowledge, connections, friends, to milk funds from would be immigrants for years.

Immigration has become a Gay Dating Service. They like Trump's restrictions and lower taxes.

Illegals are not taking over Wall Street Banker jobs. The main groups who would gain by their deportation are Blacks, Rednecks, Legal Hispanics. America gains because they pay Social Security, and they could use the income. Five dollar an hour painters, roofers, masons, have destroyed the American trades.

This is going to be one fun election.


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22 Jan 2016, 5:45 pm

I wouldn't make quality of life assessments on other people's behalf lest you'd be comfortable with the shoe being on the other foot with someone questioning the value of your life. Something tells me a little man with a toothbrush mustache probably wouldn't be to sympathetic to someone like me.That's what's wrong with our culture, we don't value life in it and I think it shows in the disintegration our communities and the American family.


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22 Jan 2016, 5:59 pm

Jacoby wrote:
I wouldn't make quality of life assessments on other people's behalf lest you'd be comfortable with the shoe being on the other foot with someone questioning the value of your life.

I'm comfortable with it. My country, Canada has recently gone ahead with plans to implement access to euthanasia.

Something tells me a little man with a toothbrush mustache probably wouldn't be to sympathetic to someone like me.

What's with all the nazi crap? Abortion is much older than that.

Your dogma doesn't value life, it values what the label on the Petrie dish says.


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22 Jan 2016, 8:29 pm

Deltaville wrote:
I am left leaning, but abortion and capital punishment are two things that I disagree with left wing politics tremendously. There is nothing innately wrong with capital punishment, as it is simply a punishment for a crime when it has been proven beyond reasonable doubt. It deters crime and helps make society safer. Abortion can be justified in cases where a women's life is in danger and a few other instances, but that is about it.

I'm also a liberal who leans toward the pro-life position. But what really mystifies me is how the right wingers who are so pro-life are also the very people who want to cut social programs for desperately poor mothers and children, who they describe as takers and leaches. Like the old saying goes: the right cares about you before you're born and after you die, but not in between.

-Bill, otherwise known as Kraichgauer

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27 Oct 2017, 2:48 am

Trump - the man with the greatest memory in the world - has said that Scott Brown was the "first to endorse him". He forgot that Sarah P. did it a month earlier!