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21 Jan 2016, 8:12 am

This has probably been done before but I'm excited and didn't want to resurrect a dead thread from years ago.
I'm getting more tattoos tomorrow, first time in about six years. And it's going to be awesome. All my tattoos are birds, and so far, all done in black and white / greyscale, but I do have plans for a bigger piece after this one, which will be blue, grey and brown. This one tomorrow will be black and white, adding to a tattoo I had done about ten years ago. My difference in pain perception comes in handy here as if you get it all done at once without needing breaks, it can cut costs.
Does anyone else have or want tattoos? What do you have and where? What age did you start? What have your tattoo experiences been like? What is your philosophy around tattooing, if any? Do you like / dislike them? Why?

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