The Bridge - opinions for a school project please?

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07 Apr 2016, 1:58 pm

I'm doing a project on the subject of female aspies presented in the media, and of course I will bring up Saga Norén. I want to know what the rest of the aspie community think, here's what I've got. Please disagree if you like :)
1. She is an aspergirl in a famous tv-show who isn't just comic relief (*cough - Sheldon Cooper*). Yay!
2. She is though written with very sterotypically boyish aspie traits, which may make uninformed NTs assume that she what aspergirls are like. That could be an issue, since most aspergirls don't display these traits in the same way that boys do and could contribute to the lack of information for and about the quiet aspergirls in the shadows who don't think they have aspergers because what we see is based on research done on boys. This is my area of concern I would like to get some response to. What do you think?