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08 May 2016, 1:46 pm

I have a gifted IQ, a handful of diagnoses and some luck in life and I STILL question everything and trust nothing. After so many failed coping mechanisms I still don't really understand why my life is ...meh (sarcasm!, maybe?, who knows?). For 4 years, I have had a partner who is half my age, schizophrenic, and has directly saved my life 5 times (I cry when I write that and hate myself because it's not fair somehow and I don't understand what it means). I am a computer geek and science nerd who was lucky to make it through a 4 year enlistment between episodes (actually I lie, it was 3 years and I was unlucky and got a general under honorable conditions because they were lazy and didn't do a psych which would have gotten me disability). I averaged over 60K per year for these 4 years and we still lived in motels or on the street. Yet, having lost my job and both of us living under a tarpaulin in a local park and other exotic locals, I still question his love and sincerity. Well, something in here is either profound or total bullshit. Stream of consciousnesses I guess.


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08 May 2016, 6:33 pm

I too question everything and trust nothing. In fact, I am not convinced that you do exist. It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that nothing you’ve written is conclusive proof or your existence in my universe. That, and I don’t believe anyone, so nothing personal, the questioning everything is my problem.

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