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17 Dec 2016, 5:07 pm

Hypothetically, if there is no God. Who do you think after living their life has had the most peace.
I also ask, who do you think has had the most happiness.

Is happiness and peace dependant on circumstance or can both these assets or attributes of the mind, as temporary that they may be in many cases, purely cognitive in nature and independent of external stimuli.

Would be interested to hear peoples opinions.


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17 Dec 2016, 5:33 pm

Not trying to sound morbid, but I believe the people who have the most "peace" in their lives would be ones who die an early age. Now this is me viewing "peace" as the ratio of time spent in a relaxed and blissful period relative to times of hardship and depression. I say ones who die an early age because their likelihood of experiencing the gloomier realism of existence such as loss of loved ones, the realization of physical& mental anguish, unmet hopes&expectations are less than ones who experience a "typical" life span. Unless the individual has some form of major mental impairment, all of these negative experiences will inevitably be encountered... that is life.

As for who has the "most happiness"... Im viewing that from the angle of who has spent the most amount of time in a relaxed and blissful state. In my opinion this would actually be almost the exact opposite of my answer for who has the most "peace", as I feel the people who will have the "most happiness" are people who experience the negative emotions of life and come to the realization that life is short and decide that they want to go out of their way to create happiness not for themselves, but for the ones around them whether they be biological family or random strangers. These people would live long, emotionally prosperous lives and experienced their fair share of emotional distress and gloomy periods but found ways to turns these periods of debilitation into opportunities to promote emotional well being in others similar to planting seeds and watching them sprout... If you know any of these people, give them a hug