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10 Mar 2017, 4:41 am

I remember reading once about the possibility of the Internet waking up one day as a collective consciousness.
How do you think it might happen (if it can at all)? After all, the way the routers and machines are connected is very similar to a biological neural network. And the way some algorithms, such as those used by advertisement companies to suggest searches bear distant similarities to biological intelligence as well.

If it does happen, how do you think it will? Will it perhaps be because of someone releasing a worm that would propagate throughout the Internet and turn a part of it into a bunch of artificially intelligent machines (and routers, Internet-connected appliances, etc.)?


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10 Mar 2017, 4:49 am

Alien technology.

That and reptilian overlords.

Seriously though, I think we are FAR away from that, we've only just begun figuring out AI in general. I think it is possible though with what we've already accomplished but I think it will be done with a new technology that we haven't even made yet which is far superior to the current ones we have and it just ends up absorbing all the information like a giant black hole of information.

This video may interest you btw, I was watching it earlier since it popped up on my subs.

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