Smoking on the balcony in a non-smoking apartment complex

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20 Jul 2017, 4:48 pm

The balcony is part of the apartment; smoke can get in the other apartments trough windows like that.
The old lady was quite rude, true, but she was right, you shouldn't be smoking on the balcony either.


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31 Aug 2017, 4:21 pm

Smoking outside, near other people's apartments is worse than smoking in your own apartment with the windows closed. It imposes the smoke on everyone who lives nearby.

You have a right to your drug. But do you think that your neighbors don't have a right to not have it imposed on them?

If you must smoke, stay indoors and close the windows.

You say you aren't permitted to smoke in your apartment? I wonder why. Could it be because some people don't like the way it smells? If people don't want their carpet and draperies to smell like cigarette smoke, do you think they want those choking fumes coming in their window?

If you aren't allowed to smoke indoors, then pay your landlord, in advance, a "decontamination-fee", to cover, in advance, the cost of decontaminating your apartment after you move out.

I assure you that, for a nonsmoker, cigarette smoke coming in the window is choking, gagging.

By the way, why do you smoke?

You've been taught that it's sophisticated, that's why.

...even "non-conformist", be "non-conformist" just like everyone else in the crowd.

Cigarette companies have spent millions, on psychologists and market research, to find out how to psychologically manipulate you into smoking. Their ads have convinced you by portraying people who smoke as sophisticated, cool, and non-conformist. Hence all of you nonconformists being herded, together, following eachother and the ads.

Those psychologist-advised tobacco companies are leading you by the nose.




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03 Oct 2017, 12:11 pm

I agree that the woman used rude language. If I were her, I would have politely advised that the smoke was bothering her and asked if you would be willing to smoke elsewhere.

Having said that, I use cannabis. I have a vaporizer for both concentrates (e.g. shatter) and regular weed. No smell. :) I like to keep peace among my neighbours. ;)