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14 Sep 2017, 8:55 am

I got a couple little journals, I’ve been meaning to start a gratitude or positive aspects journal.
I’ve been arguing with myself about what the difference is and how I want to do it. Granted it's just what I decide to call it and it's what you make of it either way. But it does make a pretty big difference to me. I’m going with positive aspects because it’s more fluid and grounding, moment-by-moment and yet still functions in the full capacity of a gratitude journal.

With “positive aspects” you can start with a negative and advance upward in frequency until you’re satisfied. Not in the sense of turning the negative into a positive, more so for a shift of focus to be recorded. In reading previous entries I hope to learn something about the transformation of my own emotional energy.

With "gratitude" it's more implied to have no negative focus and makes me think of material things,
but positive aspects feels more realistic and allowing for expression about social interactions and emotions that are hard to deal with.

So yeah that’s how I see it,”positive aspects” is way more prompt-y and realistic way to put it in order for change and learning to take place imo. Seems more fulfilling, and easier, yet more in-depth.