Six ways to support learners with autism

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08 Nov 2017, 4:15 am

In the latest instalment of her fortnightly Sendco column, Gemma Corby tells us her best strategies for teaching students with autism

My last blog hopefully dispelled a few myths about autism spectrum condition (ASC), and in this post I would like to offer some of my top strategies to support learners with autism. They are simple changes that do not require a huge amount of work, but may pay dividends in the long run. Although I am a Sendco and teacher in a secondary school, all of these strategies are relevant in primary settings as well.
1. Give clear instructions

Be direct and literal. Break down the tasks into steps, and support what you are saying with something visual – eg, a PowerPoint slide. Consider your phrasing; rather than saying "if you could write a list..." say "write a list". Another handy tip I picked up from recent training was to say "thank you" when giving an instruction rather than "please". That way you are still being polite, but the expectation that you want the task to be completed is clear. ... ers-autism

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