Andrew Ng - The State of Artificial Intelligence

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24 Dec 2017, 3:47 pm

Run time - 29:18

Really good video on the state of AI delivered sometime around the beginning to middle of this month.

My extraction from it - AI becomes both relevant and reliable when you have massive data sets in relatively pristine condition that can be fed to your neural network (that much seems to be pretty basic knowledge from what books I've read on deep learning) and so it's still a relatively niche application but that niche is growing steadily.

He spent the last minute or two trying to talk about corporate application of AI/deep learning in the corporate environment and what it could look like. My personal take, and I commented as much on the video, is I could see a lot of the big holding companies - especially in the case of manufacturing - use this for MRP and JIT. I also wonder if, in the near future, there might be enough data warehoused in the right way so that financial analysis might also be offloaded to AI if Nasdaq, S&P, SEC filinges, 10K's and 10Q's were all brought together in such a manner that deeper rule sets could be mined in terms of mapping the territory of economic models and, I really liked Andrew Ng's turn of phrase on this so I might borrow it - what represents a defensible business model or a defensible investment decision.

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