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06 Jun 2007, 5:30 am

Nightcry wrote:
Honestly, it just seemed like another fact of life to me. Yeah, people dies. But people die from Cancer or from car crashes or whatever else you can think of too. It happens. Honestly my reaction was about the same.

But then I'm not exactly American...

Just out of curiosity - would you take the same stance on something like the holocaust back in WWII?

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06 Jun 2007, 6:15 am

rog161uk wrote:
Hello likedcalico,

I read your post on the other forum and can relate to some extent to your relatively detached view of the event. I wouldn't say that it was "cold hearted" - it was more a matter of you remembering your own personal experience of the event.

The moderator's response can be explained, most likely by the fact that the original purpose of the thread was to remember others' feelings and the impact of the events on others rather than yourself. I haven't read the rest of the thread, but it is possible that your point of view may have influenced by other's posts discussing the merits of the subsequent wars.

Remember the evil the spawned the attacks,
Remember the terror they inspired.
Remember those brave and selfless men and women who first arrived on the scene.
Remember the towers set ablaze by the jets,
Remember the innocents trapped inside.
Remember the policemen and firefighters who rushed headlong into the towers as they burned,
Remember their heroism in the face of certain death.
Remember the people who died that day,
Remember their courage in the face of defeat.
Remember the towers coming down with a crash,
Remember the scene of destruction.
Remember the sadness and sorrow in the wake of the tragedy.
Remember the families torn asunder.

Her post seemed quite emotional, which is okay but I always find that people can be quite selective in their empathy with others. For example, in the time after 9/11 the US government adopted a policy of locking people up beyond the reach of US constitutional rights in Guantanamo Bay - and the US government has I understand, has handed suspects to countries that are happy to torture people for information.

Bear in mind that the media often creates a mass hysteria around events such as 9/11 (as news channels suddenly have an outlet through which to capture the attention of people globally - who ever heard of Al Jazeera before 9/11?) and it is on the back of this mass hysteria/concern that the US and Britain went to war.

So I don't think it is worth worrying about your post, or her response as they are both indicative of relatively "extreme" viewpoints (ie. total empathy vs little empathy). Accept and learn from her point of view, but it is probably worth separating fact from emotion -- her suggestion that you are "coldhearted" and her point that "I really don't care if you have Asperger's or not, Beth." is, to my mind, rather coldhearted in itself.

I agree with you, i found the moderator´s response way more coldhearted than yours!. What kind of moderator is that?
I wouldnt worry about it anymore if i was you.
Peace out

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06 Jun 2007, 6:44 am

I don't think it was cold hearted. It is what you remember how can people be upset with what you remember. If you lived on a desert island for years and then found out that all the peopel died. Your memory was, "I was sitting on the couch and then I asked my friend why the trade center wasn't in the New York skyline in the movie and then they said that terrorists took them down with planes." That person wouldn't feel that much of an emotion impact because it didn't really affect them. My memory of 911 would be considered even more cold hearted than yours. Personally, I know people died, no wait Americans died not just normal people so their deaths are supposed to be mourned much greater. Who cares if people are dying in Darfar now or that right after Hurrican Katrina hit Hurrican Stan hit South America and killed even more people than Katrina.

Honestly people die all the time, people are murdered all the time. To be critized for not reacting like someone else wants you too is totally unnecessary. That is what you remember about it because that is how it impacted your life. That is your own personal relation to that event. Plain and simple. For me since I went to school on an air force base school was cancelled for me so, all I heard was that there were plane crashes and I got to stay home from school. But I couldn't watch anything on TV because it was on loop on all the stations and I couldn't watch the new episode of Dark Angel. Oh yeah and now I can't take a bottle of water on the plain but yet I can have a whole box of matches, does that make any sense?

I think the only reason that alot of people get upset about this type of thing is that their sense of reality is shattered. People though as Americans all conflict will be else where. That we are untouchable and completely safe which we never are. People just freaked out and realized that we weren't as safe as we thought. Thus they obsess. And when people are appauled that you don't have compassion for the deaths that they might imagine if they had died in that plane that you won't have compassion for their death. Or maybe something like that.

Personally when all of these tragedies happen I don't really feel much. Even when my grandma died I was just like ... "ok." And I can't really imagine someone being sad if I died so. Yeah.


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06 Jun 2007, 10:59 am

Her post seemed quite emotional, which is okay but I always find that people can be quite selective in their empathy with others.

Sorry, I didn't read your 9/11 post, but this struck a chord with me. I have a difficult time jumping on their bandwagon every time they want to weap and moan about a new tragedy, when I know that these are the same people who don't have the human decency to befriend people who are different. There are millions of people walking around in pain EVERY DAY, not just on a terrible day when a tragedy strikes, who could use some of their G*&D*&* kindness and empathy!! ! Not only do they NOT try to reach out, they also belittle them. So, yes, I feel bad for people when something like 9/11 happens, but I'm able to keep it in perspective.


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06 Jun 2007, 12:27 pm


YOU ASKED, so here it goes! I will tell you the truth, like nobody will. My response will be coldhearted also, perhaps colder than yours. I only scanned your first post there.

What it is and why?

1. It COULD be considered the start of WWIII! The US is TOO BIG to attack head on as a nation. EVERYONE knows that, and it is the ONLY reason the US has been relatively war free. SO, an attack like 9/11 is the best way.

Why the world trade center?

2. Because IDIOTS Like Jimmy Carter(I predicted this kind of thing would happen in the late 70s! LITERALLY! SAME people, SAME basic manner, SAME REASON). THAT was when **I** started getting interested in the news, and decided I would be a republican. I was only in high school, but PLEADED with everyone to get their parents to vote for a guy named "Ronald Reagan" just to vote the IDIOT out of OFFICE! His stagflation and moronic way of handling the hostage crises was APPALING!

3. Because of over sentimental jerks that over sympathize with the loss of life, etc... The WTC was a GREAT target in their eyes. I agree with you. RESHOOT to remove a landmark now gone? WHY?????? RIDICULOUS! THAT is the reason it was destroyed!! !! !

********BUT******** you SHOULDN'T make jokes about it. It was a bad event that DOES affect you. IGNORE IT! Act like it is no big deal! Laugh at and hate the terrorists, but DON'T belittle the problem or others.

So you WERE cold and heartless. Maybe even as much as I just was!


06 Jun 2007, 1:01 pm

Everyone my point was, if I was an NT and I still made that post, do you think it was cold hearted? Don't use AS or PDD as an excuse by saying it wasn't cold hearted just because of my condition.

Oh yeah and my joking about the twin towers was my coping mechanism for a huge change in the world about the two famous towers not existing anymore and it felt real weird. I don't like change. Actually lot of people didn't like that change.


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06 Jun 2007, 2:09 pm

I really don't care if you have Asperger's or not, Beth. Even someone with severe Asperger's has enough common sense to know that innocent people dying is not funny, and is not a tragedy only because it inconveniences you. That post was extremely cold hearted, and I hope I never have the displeasure of reading something that cold hearted again.

I dunno... I think that was uncalled for. You just described in your post what it meant to you on that day-what happened to you. How are you supposed to know if anyone else is going to be bothered by it or not? You weren't saying it wasn't a tragedy that it happened or anything, you were talking about all of the confusion that broke out everywhere due to it-at least, that's what I got out of it. I don't see it as cold hearted at all, I see that you just posted your POV on the whole situation and how you remember it.

What I remember about it was working at a gas station and gas prices jumping up to nearly $20 a gallon within 2 hours!! ! I remember watching the gas station across the street having cops pulling up because they raised their prices so high. I had no clue what was going on. I remember seeing the planes crashing into the towers on TV, but not really getting what was happening fully, and I remember people freaking out that they were going to be drafted for war... I don't think I was too effected by it. I felt bad about it and all, but there was nothing I could do to stop it, and I was happy that so many people did make it out alive. I was sad about the children they were showing on TV crying for their parents-I cried along with them. But that's the thing-to me, it was on TV... children in movies crying and such effect me that way too, and since I wasn't actually there, I couldn't really relate-it was like watching a movie.

I'd say if I posted that on the forum, they probably would call me cold hearted as well. Just because you don't share the same empathy that they have, and you shared that fact, doesn't make you cold hearted. I tend to think they just don't want to think of things like that, but I bet ya $20 that when they all saw the gas prices jump, they stopped thinking too about what had happened as a tragedy-they were thinking "Holy crap! $20 a gallon! How am I gonna get to work???", even if it was just momentarily... but they would never admit it most likely. I also remember a lot of people GRIPING that they thought they were going to have to start riding their bikes and such that day due to it.

It doesn't mean they weren't sympathetic, but they did take an hour or so out of the day to freak about their own concerns... at least some of them did, unless they were in the middle of it, and I'm sure none of them would highlight those things when talking about it. So to call you coldhearted just because you admitted these things and spoke honestly... I think it's a bit hypocritical to blast you for something they worried about as well. How many people when it comes on today do you hear say "God! When are they going to stop showing this??? It happened 4 years ago!" and then turn around and start talking about what a horrible tragedy it was when talking to someone who lost a family member or friend when it happened?

Just my opinion.

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